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The last 24hrs have been absolutely amazing – In-fact it probably couldn’t of gone better. Firstly: Swap Two is now complete thanks to Tom and Becky from Bristol who swapped their Mazda MX-5 for the Ford Mondeo. They were absolutely fabulous, some … Continue reading

And Another….

We now have a yet another new addition to the team, Thank -you for joining and for your support! The last couple of days I have focused on building media connections, I am also in the process of communicating with … Continue reading

Charity – £100,000

I have recently contacted some charities, EG. Carer Trust and MS Research because I would like to donate about £100,000 to them upon completion of the goal! Why? Well that’s simple… Firstly, I don’t believe that enough people really recognise … Continue reading

The First Swap – The Incredible Leap

The first swap is now complete – A SMALL SILVER BAR (£10) —>>> for a CAR (FORD MONDEO)

This was an incredible leap up the ladder and i’m over the moon, Big Thank-you to Damien in Exeter who made the swap. I would also like to offer my congratulations to him because he is the first person to bag himself £10,000. Damien will be posting a testimonial up shortly – On his personal facebook account – I will add this to the site when he has done it.

The Swap2aMillion Swap One -> Swap Two

Now I have a Car

So that’s next.

The Car is a Burgundy Ford Mondeo (R-Reg) it is in Excellent Shape and works perfectly. Its a nice smooth ride and has good MPG. Everything works apart from the bonnet latch – It’s Stuck! I have enquired with a few garages in exeter and they tell me that its any easy fix! 🙂 The car is in tip top condition and after a good clean and wax will look brand new!

The tires are in requirements although the hub caps have “gone missing” It has a nice big boot and a Large spacious interior with electric windows and a full air con system. All the normal Lights and buttons are there including the steering wheel (wheww). Paintwork is in very good condition with no scratches or dents that I can see.

If you want it…. You can Have it!

All you need to do is swap with me – goto and make your proposal now!

The Team Grows

Just wanted to say Welcome and thank-you to our latest Promotion Team Member, Welcome on board the Swap2aMillion Project. If you! wanna join the our team and earn up-to £50,000 in 180 days. YES SERIOUSLY. please go to